1 Peter 2 says, “Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul.”

War is an ugly thing but we are all caught up in one. It is a spiritual battle for the soul. The minute you commit your life to following Jesus, you enter this war. You will not be under constant attack but like with any war, battles will take place in our lives at points where the enemy feels they would be most effective.

Our Enemy Has A Strategy

This war for our soul will not be an easy one. Our enemy, Satan, will do whatever it takes to trip us and knock us off course. But like anyone one in a war, he needs a strategy. Part of that strategy has to do with not wasting his resources.

Think about it, why would the enemy need to worry about attacking someone who is not perceived as a threat to his kingdom?

One of Satan’s goal is to subtly move us toward the “world”. By doing this, he attempts render us ineffective for accomplishing our mission from God. The more ineffective we are for God, the less he needs to

worry about us being a threat.

Entering The Battle

When we choose a life wholly committed to following Jesus, it is like putting a target on our back. But with faith, trust, and prayer, we can fight through the battle and accomplish great things for God.

I have some dear friends that are living examples of this very concept. I look to them and see incredible faith, strength, and trust in the midst of a spiritual battle. As they travel through this trial, they have relied on prayer and faith and God is making Himself visible in their life regularly. He is actively working their situation and lives are being changed in ways they never could have dreamed of.

That, to me, is what life should look like on the front lines of the battle. It is not easy nor should it be. If you are a threat to the enemy then you will be a target of attack. I believe that many of the struggles and doubts that creep up in my friends’ situation are a result of the fact that they have committed there way to God. They are seen as a threat by the enemy and that is a good thing.

We Need A Strategy Also

In order to effectively fight the battles, we need to have a growing and vibrant relationship with God. That is the example that comes through with my friends. While not perfect, they are striving to communicate with God constantly, renew their minds with scripture, faithful trust His guidance, and surround themselves with Godly friends and counsel.

That needs to be a part of any and all strategies we employ as we struggle through these battles against our soul.

Where Are You At In The Battle?

Are you or have you recently been in the midst of a battle (trial)?  If not, I would challenge you to seriously look at how effective you are being for God. One of the key points of Satan’s strategy is to be subtle. It is possible that you have fall prey to that and are no longer being perceived as a threat. If so, jump back into the war – pray about what God would have you do and commit to doing it with all your heart. Stay the course and fight the battles side by side with other committed Jesus Followers!

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