Recently, I was on one of my regular noontime walks and i was listening to my normal spotify playlists and the song No Longer A Slave by the began playing. What caught my ear this time was the combination of that song with the tornado siren test that was going on at the same time.
The combination of the two got me thinking about the irony of a song about not being a slave to fear and a sound that normally instills fear in people when they hear it. Thats when a deeper thought hit me: With the direction our country and the world is going, there is coming a time when fear will grip many and those who trust God will need to rise above the fear and be the strength that others will need.
By no means am I predicting any particular event here, its really more of a call to those who say they trust fully in God, to practrice that trust. There will be a time when we are called to lean heavily lean on that trust.
Trust that you can rely on doesn’t just happen. It’s like anything else in this life: it takes practice.

Find moments,big or small, to trust God. Actively look for them. They’re not always obvious but daily practice is vital to being prepared for whatever my come your way.