Today, in the Lyric Lounge, is a song that takes me back to a hard journey I endured. But it was that journey that brought me to the point of having Open Hands, like and Mac Powell describe in this song.

The realization of desiring God above all else, including spouse, kids, security etc, is generally not an easy journey for anyone who calls one’s self a human being. For me, the journey looks a lot like verse 2 of this song…

A clenching fist, a life of fear,
A burden held, has no place here
Cause You call me now to cast it all
On the shoulders of the one who’s strong.

Through a slow 3.5 year journey down, God brought me to a place where I had nothing to clench, nothing to fear losing, and nothing to be burden by, because I literally felt like I had lost everything. While in that pit of depression, I came to a point that I swore I would never want to experience again. A place so low and lonely that all I could have was Open Hands to the God who was there every step of the way, watching over me.

After a 4 year journey out of that pit, I had the pleasure of hearing this song for the first time and coming to the realization that this is, at least, part of the lesson God was trying to teach me through it all…

Take it all – every hope, every dream, every plan.
Take it all – every weight, all the shame and brokenness.
Jesus, I surrender all – every victory and loss
Take it all, take it all ’till all I have is open hands.
All I have is open hands

I’m not afraid of what I lose; my greatest joy is finding You