Just the other day, the thought hit me while on a walk… We hear so much about the importance of giving our money to support worthy causes and the idea of to our church. What if we approached our time the same way?

Many times we can see what is important to us by looking at where our money goes and where we spend our time. If this is true, why don’t we focus more energy on the amount of time we spend with God.

We focus so much on giving 10% of our money to God’s work in this world, but we don’t even give a second thought to where we spend our precious time. Time is a non-renewable resource – meaning once its gone we can’t get it back. Doesn’t that make it a more precious resource than anything else?

Imagine if we spent 10% of our day with God. It amounts to 2.4 hours a day. What would it take for you to carve 2.4 hours a day to spend with God – studying the Bible, listening to God’s voice, or serving as His hands and feet to a world that desperately needs to hear about him.

Would you be willing to try to pull this off within the next month? I get it! I am busy too. I can’t make time for what I have to do already. But really… What is more important than our relationship with the Creator of the Universe?

Try it with me… I am not saying it will be easy but I am saying it would be worth it!