I wanted to post these lyrics from Rachel Lampa’s song as an encouragement to some friends who are going through trials at this time. To these friends I want to say, God is there even in the trials of life! Whether it is something you did or something someone did to you, God will be by your side, walking with you every step of the way whether it feels like it or not.

If you are in the midst of a trial now or have been recently, know this even when it does not feel like it, God is there no matter how you feel! Trust the unseen!

When I Fall
Rachael Lampa

How can I find you- are you hiding or am I
Should I go or should I wait- for a sign
Following your voice- walking through a desert night
Looking for a silent storm in the sky
And I stand in my emotion and I let it be my own
’cause I know I’m not forsaken
And I’ll never be alone

When I fall – when I fall
I know WHERE I’LL be landing
When I fall- when I fall
You will still be standing

Verse two starts with the encouraging thought that God still persues us even though we screw up. Don’t think because you made a mistake that God stops chasing you. God’s voice is still calling it is just harder to hear like a radio station fading out of range.

Somewhere in the silence I can hear your broken voice
Like a radio station fading out of range
Somewhere in the crowd from the corner of my eye
I thought that I could feel you- walking by
And when I get this feeling like I am not so strong
I still can feel you with me
Yea you’ve been there all along

The bridge asks questions that we all ask at some point in our lives. But it also answers them right away be encouraged by this and rest in truth that God will never leave you or forsake you!

Somewhere I’m alone- won’t you take my empty hands
And fill them with your love
Won’t you take me as I am

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