Your passion for a given topic is the fuel that will keep you going even in the moments where you are overwhelmed by the mundane.
One of the things I have recently discovered as I look back over the “first half” of my life is that I spent a lot of time doing things that really did not “ignite” the fire of passion in my life. Everything I did was good and there were moments where I felt I was right where I should be doing what I was created to do, but for one reason or another I moved on (not by my choice) and was forced to just survive.
Well, I can now say that that time is over. It’s time for me to spend whatever time I have left doing what I was designed, created, and called to do. I have a unique identity and purpose given to me by God and its time for me to move toward that and away from what I do to survive on my own.
I challenge you to begin to discover who God created you to be and how He has wired you to fit uniquely and purposefully into His plan. Start by searching for the passion God placed on your heart. What is that thing that you would do for free because you love it so much? Once you know what that is, pursue it in prayer and in action. Find out how to do it and if possible make money doing it. Because its your passion, you will have the energy and excitement to fuel you toward reaching that goal.


PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay