A while ago my Sunday school group watched the video of “Love & Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs. My wife and I went through the devotional with a small group before. So I sat back expecting this to be a time of refreshing what I already knew. And perhaps a nap.

Yet, I was surprised with some of the new information that was speckled through the video series. It was informational and wise.

One thing in particular stuck with me. This concept of prayer.

I hope that if you’re a believer in Christ you pray. Sometimes we feel we don’t pray enough, but prayer is, or should be, dear to us. It’s our regular communion with the King of Kings. It’s our opportunity to go before the throne in worship.

We got to pray just to make it today.

What Mr. Eggerich said was simple. Before I leave for work in the morning I should pray a blessing on my wife. I should pray for her day. Show her, through my willingness and desire to ask God’s hand on her, that I’m concerned for her. Through this, it shows that I know she has a big day ahead of her. I understand that she’s not just sitting around the house eating bon-bons and watching the soaps. (Note: We don’t have bon-bons in the house nor does she watch any soap operas, it’s just a little joke between us).

Since this seemed important, I decided to take this a step further.

I decided to pray with my boys also. Sometimes together, sometimes individually. But they get blessed in prayer everyday. In fact, it’s now something my children look forward to. Being prayed over. I don’t do this enough.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 tell us to “Pray without ceasing.” This is something we strive for in our home. Blessing others is a way to show love, respect and kindness.

Today, why don’t you pray with your loved one and ask God to bless them in their day.

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