Do we really understand, in 21st century America, how good we have it? Our worst days don’t even compare to others around the world.

The other night I was privileged to sit in the stands watching my number 3 son as he played in, what I believe, is his 5th season in baseball. As I sat there cheering him on it hit me, “we really do have it good in this country.”

Not an hour later, I sat in a beautiful Fine Arts center listening to my number 2 son in his last orchestra concert as a Junior in High School and I had the same thought…

Where else in the world can your life be so blessed that you can attend 3/4 of a youth baseball game and an fabulous high school orchestra concert in the same evening?

We really do have a rather care free life here in 21st century America. At the same time I am doing these things, people in Venezuela are standing in food lines, just trying to get enough food for their families to eat. In Africa, kids are searching through garbage dumps just to get 1/4 or less of what we call a meal here in America.

I don’t bring this up to shame anyone for the life they are living, but to put it all in perspective.

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