This past week I had the opportunity to attend an orchestra concert. It was during that concert that I was reminded of how we all play an important part in God’s bigger design for history.

As I sat and listened to the beautiful music that played throughout the auditorium, my mind began to wonder, “What must it be like for that one cello player sitting in the middle of the cello section? I wonder if he only hears what he plays and does not hear the blended beauty of all the orchestra sections that the audience hears.”
Of course, my next thought drifted to how so many times that is exactly how I live my life. I can get so busy and so focused on my part of this world that I easily forget that I am part of a bigger, beautiful story that God is telling throughout history.
Just like that cello player, I get so focused on playing my part right and affecting my small world, that many times I miss opportunities right in front of me to both witness as well as play a larger part in God’s grand design.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. – 2:10

One of the many things that the Bible reveals to us about God is the fact that He is telling one story that exist throughout thousands of years. From the first creation of our world to the second coming of Jesus and the creation of a new Heaven and new Earth, God is weaving together a masterful design of both ups and downs that we have the priviledge of playing a small part in.
But that small part is a vital part to the overall blended, beautiful design that ultimately reveals the majesty of our God and King.