There is so much on my mind this morning, I don’t know where to start or what might be relevant for anyone who happens to come across this article. (Long pause, to figure this out…)I guess there are two main points on my mind and I could touch a bit on both of those.

One has to do with following God with every minute of your life and every event or opportunity that comes your way. The best Biblical example I think of following God with commitment and faith is Abraham. God called him out of UR to go to the “promised land” and without knowing the destination or how to get there, Abraham began to move.

Another example is that of Moses. Think of the commitment and faith that Moses had to have as he went to talk to the leader of Egypt at the time. After that to lead the people of God through the wilderness for 40 years, trusting God to lead him in every area of life.

You might be thinking, “Yeah these are the ‘big boys’ of the Bible of course they followed God with their lives and committed everything they had to him. Why else would they be in there?”

The encouraging thing that I see in these guys is not necessarily what they are celebrated for but the fact that they are normal guys. What do I mean? They are not flawless but God still used them to do mighty things.

Abraham, he was a liar and at times a skeptic of God and what He was doing. Moses tried to “cop out” of leading God’s people when confronted with a burning bush. Also Moses had some serious anger issues that led him to murder at one point. Yet, both of these guys walked closely with God and God used them in mighty ways.

The key seems to be that despite their bad moments in life, over the long haul they stuck with God and what He was doing. They proved faithful even when it did not make sense to be faithful. This is why they are celebrated today. They stuck with it and did not give up when it got difficult!

The funny thing is that the only modern examples that are coming to mind, right now, for what I mean are all former American Idol participants. Talk about an opportunity to let your light shine. We have seen Christians come out of this competition and use their platform to make a statement about what they believe.

I think of Clay Aiken, runner up a couple of seasons ago, he went on to success in the industry and used the opportunity to release a biography that did not hide the fact that he followed God and that was important to him. Carrie Underwood, last season’s winner, took the opportunity before 22+ million viewers to sing her #1 hit Jesus take the Wheel, which has an obvious Christian message to it. Finally, this year probably the most outspoken and lovable Christian on the show was the recently departed Mandisa. She did not hide the fact that she loved God at all.

What do all these examples have in common? They did not hide the fact that they love God and believe he needs to be in control of our lives. Yes they are flawed people and they make mistakes but God saw fit to use these normal people to make a statement about Him to the world.

This encourages me. Knowing that God uses all these “normal mistake making” people gives hope that even when I make mistakes in my life that He can still use me as I strive to remain faithful to Him. The same stands for you, Jesus Follower. Just because you may feel insignificant or useless, that does not mean you are. Remain faithful and God will use you in ways you can’t imagine or sometimes in ways you don’t even know.

The second point that is in my head has to do surviving and thriving when you are under attack. I have touched on spiritual warfare in previous articles. I believe it is a real thing.

I feel that if you are not under some sort of attack from the enemy than he does not see you as a threat and that should worry you! If you are not a threat to the enemy, then that would suggest that you are NOT using your opportunities effectively to serve God.

Satan wants to stop the Gospel from going forward and will do just about anything that God allows him to do to stop that. In my own life I have seen it many ways, letting stress get the best of me, technical issues with a project, illness, worry, and fear are just a few examples of how I believe I have been attacked – and all that just in the last two months.

In one sense, I dread the attacks because they make life hard to deal with, I just want to give up. But like I mentioned before, in another sense it gives me encouragement to keep moving forward because I must be doing something that hinders the enemy and if one person is encourage to grow closer to God because of what I did than it is totally worth it.

My encouragement to you is to keeping pressing on and remain faithful. In the midst of the attacks and fiery darts of the enemy, keep committed to God and use every opportunity to further His Will, because it is definitely worth it. That is what Clay, Carrie, Mandisa, Abraham, and Moses did and God used them and it was worth it for them. I pray it is worth it for you.

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