Black Friday, Great Sales, the latest greatest thing, busyness, obligations to family and friends: these are all tools used against Jesus Followers this time of year. We are still in a spiritual war. Satan does not take the holidays off. In fact, I would bet he ramps up his forces even more.

Think about it from the enemy’s perspective. There are two times during the year when the focus of many turns first to the birth of Jesus then to the cross. It would make the most sense to increase the intensity of the attack during these times in an attempt to distract as many as possible from the point of the season.

We, as Jesus Followers, need to be aware of this. Satan has done a masterful job at distracting non-believers and many “Christians” during these seasons. During our celebration of Jesus birth, there is Christmas and everything it entails in a self oriented, consumer obsessed, “keep up with the Joneses,” culture like that of 21 century America. Around Easter, the focus turns to the cross and you can rest assured that we will definitely be under attack at that time as well. Easter bunnies, candy, and consumerism rear its ugly head again during this time as well.

This is something that we need to consciously fight against or it will pull us further away from our mission as Jesus Followers. This type of attack is very effective for us in America. It plays on our innate selfish desire. It turns our focus from serving others to serving ourselves and that is opposite of the message Jesus came to earth with.

We can see this clearly in the annual stories of “Black Friday.” 400 people get up at some insane hour of the morning to get in line hours before a store opens just to get the “stuff” that they feel they need to have at really good prices. Some would say they are being financially smart since the prices are incredibly low. But if you look at the things they “need,” they are not things they would go out and buy regularly like food or clothes. These deals that are offered are on computers, big screen TV’s, and other “toys.” The perfect “toys” that Satan can use throughout the year to continue to distract people from a daily pursuit of Jesus.

Do not forget that we are in a war. A spiritual war with an enemy that knows our weaknesses and how to exploit them. We need to strive to be holy (Set apart for a purpose) all the time, but especially during these times of more intense attack.

What does that look like during Christmas or Easter? Simply put, radically different than the culture we live in. Our focus should not be on the “holiday” of these seasons but on the “meaning” of these seasons. Ultimately that is what the enemy is trying to distract us. The message that:

1. Jesus was born
2. Jesus taught us to love and serve God/other people
3. Jesus died and rose again to take away the sin of the world.

That is what matters more than any “Play Station” or big screen TV ever could.

Fight to keep your focus on what is most important, because it is a fight.

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