Ecclesiastes 12:13
Now all has been heard: here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and Keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.

Think about this:

Ever wonder what the purpose of your life is? Why did God create you an place you on this planet? It is a question that we all struggle with in our life and Ecclesiastes 12:13 gives us guidence toward discovering what our mission is in this life.

Fear God and keep His commandments; seems pretty simple, but what does that really mean? How does that look in 2004?

The best place to start is with yourself and how you relate to the Almighty. Do you fear God? Not fear in the sense of “you’re going to Hell” but more along the lines of respecting and revering the one who created you and gave you life. What should our response be to the Great Designer and Creator? Humility, awe, respect, and a willingness to serve are just a few things that come to mind. A spirit of worship that communicates to our Father that we are committed to honoring Him above all else and willing to sacrifice all that we hope and dream for the life He has laid out for us in advance. Who better to plan your life than the one who created you and knows you better than yourself? Think about it.

The second part of that verse talks about keeping His commandments. This seems pretty self explanitory at first glance. But “keeping His commands” is more than just “following the rules”, it is also keeping our relationship with God vibrant and open so we can follow His direction on a daily basis. This open relationship will not only allow us to know what He desires for us to do but also allow us to seek His strength to make it through the challening times that life brings our way.
God wants the best for you, in all you do. The more we fear God and keep His commands, the more we will do what we were created by Him to do. As we do what we are created/designed for, the more fufilling and rewarding your life here on earth and your life later in Heaven will be.

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