What is your passion? What is it that, when you do it, you lose track of time? What makes you so excited that to others you look like your hyped up on caffeine but really you just love what you are doing?

These are questions that I have asked myself from time to time. It is interesting how with each season the answers to those questions change. I believe this is one way we can discern the will of God in our lives. There are times God will use what we are passionate about to minister to and further worship in others.

I have had the opportunity on more than one occasion to assist in starting up a new ministry in our church. In the two occasions that come to mind right now, I can look back and see how God has now brought new people into those ministries and given them opportunities to use their creative gifts to both worship and enhance the worship of others.

This is something I enjoy doing. I enjoy providing a space to infuse the church with opportunities to serve using the creative artistic gifts God has granted many with. At the same time, I have a passion for worship and infusing creativity, technology, and excitement into both a worship service and people’s lives. I want to tap that inner passionate, creative gift inside a believer that will help take worship to a whole new level.

My dilemma is where does this fit in Church today? How can you tap the “creative” within an individual and through that provide them an opportunity to worship God on a deeper level than they ever have before?

I went down this road for myself over the past few years. I had, and still have, a passion for doing video production well to enhance ministry efforts. What did I do? I took that creative passion in my life and began to look for ways to serve and improve aspects of worship in my life and the life of the church I attend.

In the same way, I believe God has given me a desire to help those in the same position I was in to connect with what He is calling them to do. How? By doing the same thing He has done with me. Creating opportunities and plugging them into service in the church. I have so many ideas on how to do this.

Also I believe our churches could use an infusion of the arts into our services, but that is a blog for another day!

There is an excitement I get when I think that simply creating opportunites for people that tap their creative passion could enhance their worship both on Sunday but more importantly during the week as well. Think about 100 people given the opportunity not just to create passionately for God but then to have a part in affecting the worship of others, both believers and non-believers, there is power in that… Think what God could do, the lives He could touch with those “tools”… Wow!

That is what I would love to have a part in. Bringing creativity and the arts into the church in ways that can enhance worship, provide for effective ministry, and change lives.

God, may you provide opportunities to do this and may I be open to your leading. Amen

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