I have been thinking through a lot of things lately. Most of them have to do with my commitment to God and how that relates to my faith in God. Just this morning, I found myself asking “If I truly believe in God and all He has and is doing for and with me, Why do I fight Him for control?”

What is it in me that fights so hard against allowing God to lead me in the direction He would have me to go? One word comes to mind-SIN. I know that sounds like a “religious” answer, but ultimately that is what it leads back to.

If I look at the times when I feel farthest from God, it is amazingly consistent with the times that I am focused more on myself and what I need alone and not necessarily what those around me need.

Moving forward I need to be more like Jesus, who is the perfect model of God on Earth. I should strive to live my life the way Jesus lived his. In service, first to God and then to others and then to self. Even Jesus asked people for housing or food when he had need. But only after the needs of others were considered as well.

Interesting things to think about…

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