One thing that was on my mind toward the end of last week, which I have really not had time to investigate has to do with finding out exactly what is meant by the “will of God” or “God’s Will.”

I know I have written before about our choice versus God’s direct plan for our lives, but so many talk about something “not being God’s will for me” but is that even an accurate thing to say?

I have a hard time believing that God plans out every single step and I am just following a path that He already determined. It would seem at that point I am just a robot and not one who chooses to follow Christ.

So if God’s will is not God already determining every step I will take with not choice from me then what is it?

It seems to me, from some brief research on sites that I trust, that the will of God is closely related to God’s foreknowledge and the choices we make.

So am I really making choices or am I just living a “robotic” life?

There are plenty of passages in the Bible that show that we are present with choices in life that we must make. For example choosing to believe in Christ and follow God with our lives or not.

An interesting analogy just came to mind, my younger brother and I got into a discussion about this topic once and I am recalling the way we talked through this whole deliemma.

Imagine there being a straight path we are trying to follow and when we make a choice to “sin” we stray off the path. The more we “sin” we do the more we stray away from the path. One of the things the Holy Spirit does in us to get us back to the path that leads to the Truth which is found in Jesus Christ. At that point we have the choice to repent and get back to following the path toward the Truth or keep straying further away.

As we get back to the path that leads to Truth, I don’t believe God says you will go here and you will do this, but through the Holy Spirit I believe we are presented with “cracked open doors” that we can choose to walk through. For example, you may be faced with continuing to work where you are or God may open an opportunity to work at another place. He has not chosen for you, but presented you with options.

Whatever you choose, God can and will use you in the situation as long as you stay on the path. Begin to stray from the path and now the Holy Spirit needs to work on bringing you back to the path and you are less effective for Him and His Glory.

God’s will in this case would be the path we walk to get to the Truth. Because God knows all and sees all, He knows and accounts for the path and the straying, we will take because of those choices we make.

So in straying from the path are we leaving God’s will?

Many of us are familiar with Jeremiah 29:11,

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

But many people stop here and say that God determines our path but verses 12 through 14 follow this way,

In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me. I will be found by you,” says the LORD.

I believe that God does have plans and a purpose for us and they are good and they do lead to truth. But we need to be constantly seeking and praying to God to remain on that path of God’s will.

As I think about it, maybe it is better stated this way, God’s will for our lives is the path He would intend us to go and our poor choices are what causes us to stray from that. I am not saying that we catch God off guard if we stray but doing wrong things is not what God intended for us to do.

How much more could we have done for God had we not strayed from His will for us?

I believe we miss out on being as effective as we could for God because of the sinful choices we make.

Moral of the story: Stay on the path of God’s will and if you are not currently there work on getting back on the path through repentance, prayer, and earnestly seeking God through His word. God has so much He would like to do through us but He can’t use us for His Good will if we have evil sin within us.

If you have read this, Please comment on it, I want to know what you think…

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